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Samfaina de Colors is an artistic project led by Mirna Vilasís. Since 1988 she has been creating shows with her own language and different layers of reading, where music is the main channel of expression of a free art. It is passion and commitment to culture and education, and emotion for all audiences.

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No moon

A musical and poetic show that takes us into the beauty and magic of the night. A reflection on harmony and universal balance through music. The lunar phases represent allegorically the cycle of life.

Premiere: 07/10/22 in Fira Mediterrània de Manresa
9287 spectators and 41 performances

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Andròmines (Junk)

A girl goes up to the attic of her house, rediscovers her toys and becomes a little girl again for a moment. A poetic show that speaks of the fleetingness of time.

Premiere: 17/01/2021 in Teatro Principal de Sabadell
18.228 spectators and 80 performances

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De bracet (Hand in hand)

Musical show to love poetry. Music and poetry go hand in hand, and to make it more beautiful, they become a song.

Premiere: 08/03/09 in LaSala Teatre de Sabadell
Re-premiere: 30/01/22 in la sala La Planeta (Girona)
95,864 spectators and 321 performances

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The workshops are an unbeatable tool to approach our audience in a purer, closer way and make them participate in our proposals. The main objective is to break the fourth wall, to challenge children, families or anyone who comes to see us and make them feel as excited as we do on stage.

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nova web amb apartat tallers

Workshops and 4 languages, the new features of the Samfaina de Colors website 💥

The new Samfaina de Colors website is now available in 4 languages: Catalan, Spanish, French and English, to reach audiences all over the world. In we have launched a new page: Workshops, where you will find all the information

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Big news for the 35th season 🆕

Temporada Alta, school performances, Barcelona Districte Cultural, tour of Spain and the start of relations with China. The 35th season of Samfaina de Colors gets underway with new paths to follow. The season couldn’t start in a better way, and

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Making good progress towards internationalisation 🚀

Touring Spain, and the first steps that bring us closer to presenting No moon in Shanghai, China. Thanks to the objectives set in the SDE (Economic Development Service of the Generalitat de Catalunya) consultancy for 2022 with Toni González, we

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