A new look of De bracet – Hand in hand

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More suggestive, more poetic, more visual

Samfaina de Colors revisits one of our favourite shows, De bracet – Hand in hand, premiered in 2009 and now presented in a new, more theatrical, and visual version. It is a show for all audiences where music and poetry go hand in hand and become a song. Funny, exciting, and surprising stories that make children learn to love poetry.

It’s a show that we’ve always loved and that the children have always been enthusiastic about,”, explains la Mirna Vilasís. “And we had been thinking about updating it for some time. After the leap forward that Andròmines – Junk, represented, we thought it could go further”. This is the new look at De bracet – Hand in hand.

Artistic accompaniment by Anna Ros
To do so, we have relied on Anna Ros, to whom we had already entrusted the stage direction of our last show, Andròmines – Junk. Anna, after this artistic accompaniment, talks about the “new” De bracet – Hand in hand as follows: “It’s a suggestive show, with a simplicity that makes it sublime, that brings poetry to the youngest audience. It’s fun and light, a very good journey through Catalan poetry”.

Anna highlights its simplicity: “Poetry for the youngest, it seems like a huge challenge, but the grace and strength is precisely the unpretentiousness, the inner calm and how Mirna and Xavi interpret each of the songs“. And she adds: “The words of each poem have a brutal force, it’s a perfect symbiosis. And the calmness of the show gives an impressive comfort to the spectator. You don’t realise and for 50 minutes you listen to poetry, with marvellous voices”.

Changes: a more poetic, visual, and sonorous universe
As for the changes, Anna Ros remarks that “it is not easy to reshape a show that has already been created. First, I needed to see how they approached each of the staged poems. For me it was important to see what element and concept they had chosen to express the poetics of each song. So, from here, I highlighted each of the elements, we amplified each object and content already worked on and so each scene took on a greater magnitude”. Apart from this aspect, we have broken Mirna and Xavi’s direct contact with the audience. We have generated a fourth wall and created more magical musical introductions and transitions. Mirna stresses: “With Anna we have also worked a lot on my interpretation with the objects and how they become the real protagonists of the show”.

New image

And of course, this new look is also accompanied by the new photographs of Arian Botey and the new videos of Julián Waisbord, with whom we have worked before. We love their look and how they capture the soul of our shows.

We hope you continue to enjoy this show, and the magnificent stories / poetry created by Joana Raspall, Carles Hac Mor, Miquel Desclot, Helena Vidal, Eva Denia, Lluïsa March, Lola Casas, and Maria Dolors Pellicer.

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