An end of course with history…

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If we had to describe this school year 2020-2021, we could use every cliché there is and we would fall short! But today we are talking about an end of the school year with history! With a lot of history!

The 2020-21 academic year will be marked by topics related to the Covid19 pandemic and health measures. End of the school year at the Sagrada Familia school.

A complicated course, of bubble groups, of precautions, of fewer exits, masks and distances that seem impossible when it comes to playing, dancing, team sports or singing together. The companies that are dedicated to family shows have been able to bring you a thousand stories, either in theatres (with less capacity and all the established safety measures) or in the school itself. Samfaina de Colors, for example, we have given more than 80 school performances. And thirty more that had to be cancelled due to the health situation. We have done everything from workshops and performances for class groups to performances in theatres, imagining the smiles behind the masks, but luckily, the expression in your eyes said it all!

A special performance to celebrate the end of the school year.

This year, yes, the vast majority of schools have been able to celebrate the end of the school year. Samfaina de Colors closed it at the Sagrada Familia School in Sabadell, and you know what? 26 years ago, we performed at this school! 26 years! We only “missed” last year, due to the confinement.

Every year we meet again with many teachers, and we see how the pupils grow up. Children who know the songs that we will sing and who accompany us very often. Last Thursday, 17th June, we took the opportunity to talk to some of these teachers about this special relationship we have created and also about what music means in their classrooms.

The result is this short report which also serves to wish all students a ‘good holiday’.
And to the teachers, you still have a few days of work left to close the school year and prepare for the next one. After that, enjoy the holidays very much.

See you next year!

End of the course with 26 years of history at the Sagrada Familia school in Sabadell.




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