Andròmines – Junk: on Enderrock’s list of the 10 best family-friendly albums of 2021

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The last gift of 2021. Thank you very much, Enderrock!

We’re so excited to end 2021 with this TOP TEN 🙂 of the 10 best family-friendly albums of 2021 from Enderrock!

The magazine considers that “the field of music for family audiences has only grown in recent years. Concept albums, thrilling stories and careful arrangements that have nothing to envy from other musical genres confirm the growing boom of music for all audiences in our country“.

A statement we fully agree with!

We are very happy to be part of this list of the best albums for family audiences and that a dozen accredited journalists from all over the Catalan Countries have considered that Andròmines – Junk, the album of our latest show, must be part of it.

Very happy, too, to be part of companies with whom we share many experiences!
You can read the full article here

A disc to watch, listen to and play with

Andròmines – Junk songs are much more than an album. You can watch them, listen to them, discover words, and play with each of the videos. As we have already explained, “we have chosen to publish the songs of Andròmines – Junk in video format, because we want to go a step further and add value to the songs. Above all, we want the children to have a good time”, explains Samfaina’s singer, Mirna Vilasís. “We wanted to include the lyrics of the songs in the video and do it in the most creative way possible, as a game – generating surprise, smiles and challenges – with the aim of making it a tool for families and schools”. In this project we have incorporated Xevi Riera, from Punts Volats, who “has been in charge of converting the imaginary of each of the songs into lyrics and drawings, and we have worked again with Julián Waisbord in the editing of the videos”, he explains.

Haven’t you seen them yet? Come on!

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