Disc | 2001

Ralet, ralet

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1. Ralet, ralet
2. Galaneta mà – Hand ornaments
3. Ball manetes – Handyman dance
4. Ralet, ralet
5. Quic, quiri, quic
6. Un cigró – A chickpea
7. Margarideta, lleva’t de matí – Marganideta get up in the morning
8. Arri, arri, tatanet
9. Cançó de barretaire – Hatter’s song
10. Ploreu, ninetes – Cry, little dolls
11. Cançó de xocolater – Song of the chocolatier
12. El xiquet de Vinaixa – The child of Vinaixa
13. Ralet, ralet
14. Per demanar que surti el sol – To ask for the sun to rise
15. El ball de Sant Ferriol – St. Farriol’s dance
16. Bon dia, nostre pare – Good morning, our father
17. Trinco, trinco / Plou i fa sol – Trinco, trinco / Rain and sunshine
18. Els quatre llauradors – The four farmers
19. Ralet, ralet


Ralet ralet is a production of Samfaina de Colors; It has been recorded and mixed by Toni París (estudi 4.41 de Girona) under the technical direction of Kei Macias; The photographs were taken by Josep Maria and Isabel, from can Font Fotògraf; The graphic design and illustration are by Martí Sàiz from Cel·lula acció creativa; The selection of songs was made by Mirna Vilasís and the arrangements by Xavi Múrcia; Ernest Martínez, percussion (bass drum, snare drum, cymbals, udu, caxixis, castanets and kitchenette); Xavi Múrcia, voice, guitar, guitarron, mandola, mandolin and Hurdygurdy; Toni Pujol, double bass; Mirna Vilasís, voice, psaltery, diatonic accordion and flute.

Created, recorded, and mixed in the studio of Discos a mà, in Argelaguer and in the studio 4.41, in Girona during the summer of 2000.

(This disc is recorded entirely in Catalan and is not translated into any other language).

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