No moon, it already shines with its own light! ✨

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Many months of work go into getting to the day when a show is presented. No moon is no exception and yesterday, 07 October 2022, our latest show was presented in society. We would like to explain the process that has brought us to this point.

What does it mean to premiere a show?

If you ask different companies, each one of them will tell you theirs, as there is no single way, but we are sure to find some common points.

But since we have come to talk about ourselves, why deny it, we will explain a little about how intense and encouraging this project has been.

First of all, we like to create shows by seeking complicity and weaving networks because we are firm advocates of teamwork. That’s why, from the beginning, we found alliances with two festivals that have been special for us. Firstly, Fira Mediterrània in Manresa and secondly, the Didó Festival in Terrassa. We’ve had a close relationship with the former for years, ever since we toured with Tralla, and it’s always been like playing at home. In the case of the latter, although the relationship is shorter in time, they have embraced and pampered our proposals as if they were their own.

So, once we’ve joined hands with Fira Mediterrània and Festival Didó, it’s time to think about how to materialise all the script, ideas, and other information about No moon. We need to be able to find spaces where we can be welcomed and make what is initially an outline a reality.

Days and days of conversations with theatres in order to find spaces for residencies and put into practice everything we had conceived. Thus, we have been able to do no more and no less than 6 artistic-technical residencies in: laSala de Sabadell, Teatre Principal d’Olot, Casal d’Argelaguer, Teatre Ateneu de Celrà, Teatre Auditori de Llinars del Vallès and Teatre del Casal de l’Espluga de Francolí.. On many occasions, in these residencies we have been able to hold open rehearsals, in which the audience has been able to evaluate the show and give us their impressions.

So, after these months of intense work and the complicities that have accompanied us, we were able to arrive at yesterday’s premiere with all the security and peace of mind of the show we were presenting. It has been intense and encouraging in equal parts, but, above all, what we know for sure is that we are proud of the whole process.

What does the creature look like?

So, as a headline… The child was born with a lot of strength and courage.

No moon is different from its 23 siblings, it is neither better nor worse, it is simply different and being different is not a bad thing.

No moon doesn’t want to give you everything chewed up, it wants to awaken your emotions and make you feel free to think and interpret what you say, and that alone makes it more interesting. It is accompanied by unusual musical instruments to give it body, at the same time as it gives it a magical sound atmosphere. It uses mapping to make it more beautiful and dresses up with a moon and stars to make it more eye-catching.

But what is the character of No moon? Like everything in this life, it has lights and shadows and, therefore, it has moments of joy and, at other times, moments of loneliness, of introspection. With few words, it says a lot why she is subtle, tender, and kind.

Technically, it is simple and versatile, since it fits in many spaces and almost everything it needs, it takes. As the saying goes, it was born autonomous.

She is adventurous and eager to discover the world. She was born knowing that she would travel everywhere to get to know other realities, ways of doing things, and above all, scenarios, which is where she really feels free.

From now on, as we like to say, it’s all yours! So, we hope you like it and come to appreciate it as much or more than we do.

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