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Chevron Down

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No moon

A musical and poetic show that takes us into the beauty and magic of the night. A reflection on harmony and universal balance through music. The lunar phases represent allegorically the cycle of life.

Premiere: 07/10/22 in Fira Mediterrània de Manresa
9287 spectators and 41 performances

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Andròmines (Junk)

A girl goes up to the attic of her house, rediscovers her toys and becomes a little girl again for a moment. A poetic show that speaks of the fleetingness of time.

Premiere: 17/01/2021 in Teatro Principal de Sabadell
18.228 spectators and 80 performances

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De bracet (Hand in hand)

Musical show to love poetry. Music and poetry go hand in hand, and to make it more beautiful, they become a song.

Premiere: 08/03/09 in LaSala Teatre de Sabadell
Re-premiere: 30/01/22 in la sala La Planeta (Girona)
95,864 spectators and 321 performances

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Cabaret Patufet (Smurf Cabaret)

performance of music, song, storytelling, poetry and riddles. It is sensitive material. Creative, emotional, delicate and funny.

Premiere: 05/11/2012
133.600 spectators and 349 performances

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Càpsules (Capsules)

Musical performance about the passing of time. We portray a school day in song. Every second that passes, it doesn’t happen again… And where does it go?

Inaugural perofrmance of La Mostra d’Igualada 2012
Premiere: 20/04/2012 – Teatre Ateneu d’Igualada
14,000 spectators and 34 performances

Kapsulak (Co-production Markeliñe & Samfaina de Colors)
Premiere: 07/12/2013 – in Basque language
10.000 spectators and 24 performances.

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Nens, al pati! (Children, to the playground!)

A musical, poetic and visual performance. What do children do in the school playground? They play tug-of-war, hopscotch, swing… In the schoolyard, moreover, the children explain their things and hide their secrets.

Premiere: 04/03/2006
170.000 spectators and 426 performances

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Nou pometes té el cançoner (Nine little apples in the songbook)

Traditional Catalan music performance. Every apple is full of music. And the music will take us on a stroll through the Catalan countries. And we will listen to the whole territory as it sings with so much, so much music, as it comes out of the little apples.

Premiere: 06/05/2002
97.000 spectators and 243 performances

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Ralet, ralet

Traditional Catalan music performance. What is hidden inside the boot?
We do and sing the Ralet, ralet… pay money! and the boot opens! And everyone who comes out teaches us their song.

Premiere: 18/01/1999 at Teatre Socialet de Terrassa
308.000 spectators and 788 performances

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Trinco, trinco

A musical show based on traditional songs that serve as a natural way to enter the wonderful world of traditional music, using the musical language of our mother language.

Premiere: 20/06/1993 a Sabadell
214.470 spectators and 560 performances

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