Andròmines (Junk)

A girl goes up to the attic of her house, rediscovers her toys and becomes a little girl again for a moment. A poetic show that speaks of the fleetingness of time.

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Premiere: 17/01/2021 in Teatre Principal de Sabadell
18.228 spectators and 80 performances
Duration: 50'
Recommended age: from 3 years old
Musical, poetic and gestural performance


A girl goes up to the attic of her house, rediscovers her toys and becomes a little girl again for a moment.

Time slips by gently. Just a moment and we are grown up. The old treasures from when we were little are now abandoned junk that revive and bring us back to the paradise of childhood.

A poetic show that speaks of the fleetingness of time.

Andròmines – Junk is the penultimate creation of Samfaina de Colors, which is committed to a conceptual staging and creates a sound atmosphere that allows the spectator to feel and revives childhood memories.

Artistic languages

The music and visual landscapes of the show will take the audience on a dreamlike journey back to their childhood. Playing with the junk (with a rag doll and other toys) we will become small again for a moment and rediscover the treasures of the past.

The staging of the show is worked as a symbol of metamorphosis. A single spatial concept, the attic of a house, where the memories of our lives are found, through one element, the boxes. Different visual and aesthetic compositions create the space of each scene, taking metamorphosis and change as the creative engine to drive the story.

The music and the sound atmosphere create a poetic universe where our toys and childhood treasures come to life. The original creation allows us to transport the magic of this story through each of the scenes.

Logo performance Junk of Samfaina de Colors

Andròmines (Junk)

  • Junk (clip)
  • Junk (short clip)
  • TEASER of the public
  • La nina de drap - The rag doll (1/8). The songs of Andròmines - Junk
  • El molinet màgic - The little magic mill (2/8). The songs of Andròmines - Junk
  • Avió - Aircraft (3/8). The songs of Andròmines - Junk
  • Mirall - Mirror (4/8). The songs of Andròmines - Junk
  • Pianet - Little piano (5/8). The songs of Andròmines - Junk
  • Globus - Balloon (6/8). The songs of Andròmines - Junk
  • Aigua - Water (7/8). The songs of Andròmines - Junk
  • Fugir del niu - Fleeing the nest (8/8). The songs of Andròmines - Junk


Mirna Vilasís (actress, musician):
voice, piano, bells, water percussion and puppetry
Arnau Berenguer (musician):
vocals, electric guitar, pedalboards and cajón (box-drum)

Author: Mirna Vilasís
Artistic direction: Anna Ros
Musical direction and composer: Xavi Múrcia
Music: Xavi Múrcia
Lighting design: Rafel Roca
Sound design: Xavi Múrcia
Lighting, sound, and machinery technicians: Ivan Rubio, Marc Jódar and Marta Vilellas
Set design: Berta Vidal and Raül Vilasís
Waredrove design:Victoria Cretenze
Doll: Ana Moyano Mangas
Puppets: Martí Doy
Props: Martí Doy, Berta Vidal and Raül Vilasís
Grinder animation: Cristian Pujante
Photography: Arian Botey
Rehearsal clip: Arian Botey
Videos: Julian Waisbord
Graphic design: Núria Casanova
Linguistic correction: Roger Vilà


Production: Mirna Vilasís and Mònica Grau
Distribution and Communication: Mònica Grau
Executive Production: Discos a mà and Samfaina de Colors

Co-production: LaSala Teatre

LaSala Teatre
Teatre Principal d’Olot
Teatre Auditori de Llinars del Vallès

With the support of:
Generalitat de Catalunya – Departament de Cultura – ICEC
Diputació de Girona – Cultura
LaSala Teatre

(you will find it in DOWNLOADS)

FULL Andròmines – Junk VIDEO
(available for programmers, ask for the link!)


Number of persons on tour: 2 interpreters and 2 technicians
Assembly: approx. 4 h
Dismantling: approx. 2 h
Ideal stage: 8 m wide (+ 5 m on each side shoulder) x 8 m deep x 6 m high
Minimum stage: 6 m wide (+ 0.5 m for each side shoulder) x 6 m deep x 3.8 m high

+ Full technical rider
(you will find it in DOWNLOADS)



Childhood garret and glitter dust

“Samfaina de Colors have been spreading their music around Catalonia for more than 25 years, with a career full of shows, records and hundreds of performances. Now they present their new show, Andròmines – Junk, an emotional journey through the attic of childhood. To the great musical background, they add a very attractive visual poetry.

Mirna Vilasís and Xavi Múrcia are the authors and performers of the show-concert. Their voices, sweet and calm, are the centre of everything they do. They renounce words because they know that music is the way to reach the emotion they are looking for (…)”.

It is to be welcomed that Samfaina de Colors bets for incorporating new elements in the shows, without renouncing to the essence and passion for the songs of childhood. The characteristic stamp and the couple’s voices combine with the images coming out of the boxes in the attic. The dust from childhood, passed through the songs, becomes glitter“.

(click on the link to read the full review) – catalan version-

Martí Rossell

Absolute beginners
(Seen on Sunday, 30 May at the Mostra d’Igualada)

With the musical part performed by Xavi Múrcia and the songs and spoken part by Mirna Vilasís (Samfaina de Colors), as well as a spectacular staging and a very careful aesthetic, this performance is to offer the little ones of the house (and of the school and nursery too) a first show of their lives..

Needless to say that the musical part is impeccable,with only an electric guitar that gives the soundscape everything that happens on stage, a set of boxes that sometimes intrigues us, where they go, and that will come from inside, some characters (that Mirna herself manipulates, as if she were a little girl playing with her dolls) that take us to early childhood … and … Lyrics! That at the end will give us the key to the show…

(Click on the link below to read the full review) – catalan version-

Josep Maria Viaplana

“Samfaina de Colors makes the performance Andròmines – Junk grow with the release of an album and audiovisual material”.

Mirna Vilasís details the launch of the Junk album and how the project of editing the 8 videos (one for each song in the show) with the subtitles of the lyrics came about.“We know that many schools use our songs in their daily lives and we thought that these videos could be useful and go further”.He notes.

(click on the link below to read the full review) -catalan version-

Paula Núñez Gubert. Periodista.

Singing and getting lost

No need to invent a plot; just place the spectators in a place as magical as the attic of their grandparents’ house Boxes full of dust, some shadows that can be a little scary, but full of memories of when the parents were children. Vilasís and Múrcia relive these moments and introduce a puppet who, as if she were their daughter, discovers similarities with her parents. The magic is to know how to waste time remembering and imagining together. The game of the elements that appear between the boxes, as well as the construction of different skylines from the modules of the boxes is very suggestive”.

Múrcia avoids catchy and easy songs, she prefers to sing to the nuance, to the precise verse, to the closest idea of what she imagines”.

Jordi Bordes

A journey through childhood, full of games, emotions, and music. This is Andròmines (Junk), the latest show by the experienced company Samfaina de Colors, formed by Xavi Murcia and Mirna Vilasís, which opens this weekend at the Teatre Principal in Sabadell. The company from Argelaguer takes a step forward in this show without text – only the songs have text – not only to evolve artistically, but also as a first step towards internationalisation. Directed by Anna Ros (LaBú Teatre), who has enhanced the visual poetry of this piece, would you like to take a beautiful journey into nostalgia? Mirna Vilasís explains the secrets.

Dani Chicano

“Andròmines – Junk marks a before and after in the career of Samfaina de Colors, it is a crossing of artistic boundaries, a step forward without a net. The creative process was marvellous and transformed us. The difficulties involved in stopping the confinement in the middle of creating the show were at the same time an opportunity in terms of creative time. The premiere of Junk was impressive, it was the most desired and most enjoyed premiere of our entire career. It is the first show without text and we created a universe and a sound atmosphere that allows the spectator to take a dreamlike journey to his childhood”.

Mirna Vilasís. La Finestra.

Paula Núñez Gubert. Periodista.

The Andròmines – Junk disc: new formats, new ideas

Samfaina de Colors turns the album of his latest show into a visual proposal that encourages play and complicity. The videos of the songs include artistic and creative subtitles.

(Click on the link below for an inside look at how the idea was born and the creation process)

Discos a mà

The rediscovery of the Andròmines – Junk of Samfaina de Colors

Now, coinciding with this Sunday’s performance at the Temporada Alta festival in Girona, Samfaina de Colors wanted to expand the scope of the show. It has released it as a record (Discos a mà, 2021) and as an audiovisual format.

(Click on the link below to read the full story) – catalan version-

Sergi Núñez

Return in childhood

Obviously, music is the main protagonist of Andròmines – Junk, the guide on which Vilasís and Murcia’s theatrical shows are always built. The company has composed a series of songs that recall the state of childhood based on titles and lyrics that refer to the world of children’s games: The mirror, the paper aeroplane, the toy piano, the fairground balloon

(Click on the link below to read the full story) – catalan version-

Laia Solé

The new Samfaina de Colors disc, a new tool for learning to read

The wooden letter. If you are a family with children in primary school, you know perfectly well how hard it is to find signs and texts with a wooden letter. It is the traditional capital letter and serves as a gateway to reading and writing for children in Catalonia. Mirna Vilasís and Xavi Murcia, from the company Samfaina de Colors, have this week presented the album of their performance Andròmines – Junk. It is an innovative format that is a very useful tool for schools and families looking for creative and entertaining ways for children to learn to read.

(Click on the link below to read the full story) – catalan version-

Escena Familiar

Samfaina de Colors has turned the disc of their latest show into a visual proposal that encourages play and complicity This is the album Andròmines – Junk (Discos a mà, 2021), with videos that include artistic and creative subtitles with the aim of being a tool for families and schools.

(Click on the link below to read the full story) – catalan version-


Samfaina de Colors leaves its comfort zone with Andròmines – Junk, the new show that will premiere on 17 January 2021 at the Teatre Principal in Sabadell….

In July 2019, Samfaina de Colors started working on a new show. We wanted to talk about childhood, change and transformation. And we wanted to do it playing. Playing on stage, as we had never done before…

While we were working on the show, a ferocious beast appeared, a virus that would change everything, all over the world. We, in the middle of the creation process, were very emotionally exposed and we broke. In a thousand pieces. Because of the emotional and economical breakdown that the first confinement meant… Andròmines – Junkcame to a complete standstill…

When we had the energy to take up Andròmines – Junk, Samfaina de Colors we realised that the transformation we had experienced with COVID-19 would completely transform the show. We needed to take a step forward, to get out of our creative comfort zone and leave our skin on stage…

The Andròmines – Junk team (and the whole world) underwent changes. COVID-19 had changed everyone’s agendas. And at that moment we decided to look for a new director, Anna Ros. And, oh, we were right on target!

(Click on the link below to read the full story) – catalan version-

Discos a mà

Mirna Vilasís and Xavi Murcia, we want to introduce you to those who are not seen on stage, the great team of Andròmines (Junk), the essential of Samfaina de Colors! They won’t be on stage, but they will be there with their art, and inside us. Without them we would not be able to go up, nor fly, nor enjoy ourselves as we are already doing in rehearsals. We have it very present. And we’ll have it in every one of the gigs we’ll do with Andròmines – Junk. and we’ll be grateful for it. and we will always appreciate it!

Discos a mà

Samfaina de Colors vindicates the need to play in her new show , Andròmines – Junk. Mirna Vilasís and Xavi Murcia, the authors, and performers, say that “we learn the most important things in life by playing. We will play with the doll and through it we will reflect on the passage of time, change and transformation”. The confinement provoked a revolution in the show: “We needed a change, a transformation. The stoppage allowed us to think a lot about the show and we took it up again with a very different energy. And it made us see how we needed to step on stage”. For the artistic director, Anna Ros, the big change is that “they have transgressed a line, they have gone from being a family musical show to being a theatrical show with music. They have gained many layers within the artistic part”.

Núria Brugués

“Andròmines – Junk is the definitive revolution of Samfaina de Colors” Xavi Murcia

“Search for the limit, go beyond it, without a net and go for it”. Mirna Vilasís

“To give a new air to Samfaina de Colors, a new vision and to continue with this interesting project that is Samfaina”. Rafel Roca

“For me it has been a huge personal and artistic growth”. Anna Ros (artistic director of Andròmines -Junk)

Núria Brugués

“The emotional, occupational and artistic upheaval of confinement has created a need for change, they were crying out for it. And I have offered them everything they needed to produce this artistic and aesthetic change. The public will receive this change very well. They have transgressed a line and have gone from being a musical family show to a theatrical music show. They have staged a show with an aesthetic and a theatrical dramaturgy and have gained in volume with many layers within the artistic part”. Anna Ros (artistic director)

Núria Brugués

“Time fades gently. Old abandoned junk comes to life. And return to the paradise of childhood”.


“The company from Argelaguer has been directed by Anna Ros (LaBú Teatre), who has provided a visual factor that is as elegant as it is powerful. The production vindicates the need to play, in this case through a doll that will make children reflect on the passage of time, change and transformation”.


“The other leg of the fair is the children’s and family shows. Like the intimacy, the love of music and the children’s pedagogy that the duo Samfaina de Colors and their performance Andròmines (Junk) give off from the top of the stage”.

Miquel Queralt’s report to Nú on the Emerging and Family Music Fair of Vila-seca

Miquel Queralt


Andròmines (Junk)
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