Cabaret Patufet (Smurf Cabaret)

performance of music, song, storytelling, poetry and riddles. It is sensitive material. Creative, emotional, delicate and funny.

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Premiere: 05/11/2012 at Centre Cultural de Martorell
133.600 spectators and 349 performances
Duration: 50'
Recommended age: 2 years and over
Musical, theatrical and multidisciplinary performance


Cabaret Patufet (Smurf Cabaret) is sensitive material. It is a show of music, song, storytelling, poetry and riddles for the little ones. Creative, emotional, delicate, fun and participatory. ACabaret Patufet (Smurf Cabaret).

Will the Boastful Little Rat find the love of her life? And the Moon, will it be able to cheat the Sun? Why does Marta the doll want to go to the beach? What is the bird that sleeps on straw and lays an egg every week? The dragon wants to spoil our party. Will it succeed? And, Smurf, what does that have to do with anything?

All these questions are answered in Cabaret Patufet (Smurf Cabaret) . A cabaret as small as a grain of aniseed.


Mirna Vilasís: voice, bells, tambourine and rattles
Xavi Múrcia: voice and guitar

Technicians and lighting design: Rafel Roca & Roger Oriol

Music direction: Xavi Múrcia
Artistic direction: Mirna Vilasís
Lighting: Rafel Roca & Roger Oriol
Scenography and costumes: Raül Vilasís & Berta Vidal
Photography and video: Flare Estudi


Double bass, video clip recording and mixing: Albert Vila – E. Paella

Production: Mirna Vilasís & Mònica Grau
Distribution & Communication: Mònica Grau
Executive Production: Discos a mà


Number of musician-actors: 2
Number of technicians: 1

Assembly: 3 h approximately
Dismantling: approx. 1 h
Ideal stage: 8 m wide x 6 m deep x 5 m high
Minimum stage: 5 m width x 4 m depth x 3 m height


Few times have I attended a show more full of charm and tenderness than the Cabaret Patufet (Smurf Cabaret) offered by Xavi Múrcia and Mirna Vilasís, the Samfaina de Colors, professionals of stature, music for all audiences (including adults) and animation, for many years. It is a luxury to have musicians and singers of this level, in this ‘cabaret’… The key, apart from the talent and the impeccable musical interpretation of the two, is the long experience of Samfaina de Colors for children’s audiences.

Josep Maria Viaplana. Periodista.

I went last Wednesday to see Cabaret Patufet (Smurf Cabaret) with the children from my school and I loved it! Congratulations! Songs and folk tales can make such a magical and special show. I was a child again. I follow you with my heart…

Alba Martínez. Mestra de música.

Samfaina de Colors receives an excellent reception for his Cabaret Patufet (Smurf Cabaret). Samfaina de Colors has created a variety show with its trademark ingredients: traditional songs, poems, stories, its own music and riddles. The Sabadell-born Mirna Vilasís and Xavi Múrcia are on tour with this small but sensitive and captivating Cabaret Patufet (Smurf Cabaret). They already have 45 performances and more than 15,000 spectators. Cabaret Patufet (Smurf Cabaret) is delighting young and old alike.

Carles Cascón. Periodista. Diari Sabadell, 02-04-13

Cabaret Patufet (Smurf Cabaret) where it is shown that music for children does not have to be easy music, without content, without intention… Where it is shown that accompanying the little ones to see a show does not have to be, far from it, a sacrifice. Samfaina de Colors, with Xavi Múrcia and Mirna Vilasís succeed once again. A must!


Federico Francesch Moya. Periodista. 

Gorgeous! This morning we went to see you with Cabaret Patufet (Smurf Cabaret) in Vandellós and we saw a show full of sensitivity and delicacy, Xavi’s music and Mirna’s conduction.


Josep. Pare.

Cabaret Patufet (Smurf Cabaret) is the new show of Samfaina de Colors, a success…


Elena Rialles. Promotora cultural. 

It seems like a dream. Congratulations!

Montserrat Marias. Mare. 

We, the teachers of early childhood education, value the show Cabaret Patufet (Smurf Cabaret) very highly. The participation of the pupils and how they cheered up with each song was one of the aspects that we valued most positively. Very well crafted musically, with good intonation and exquisite taste. Congratulations to Xavi and Mirna!


Juli Jorba. Mestre.

Very suitable for all early childhood education pupils. Cabaret Patufet (Smurf Cabaret) is a fabulous petrformance!

Anna Badia. Mestra

Fantastic! You do a great and beautiful job. Thanks!

A beautiful performance, both my two year old daughter and I enjoyed it very much.

Very suitable for children. We have enjoyed it very much.

It was spectacular, the children enjoyed it, the adults enjoyed it too, it’s great that they do these performances in Manacor. 100% recommended, music, games, storytelling. Thanks.

Famílies de Manacor