De bracet (Hand in hand)

Musical show to love poetry. Music and poetry go hand in hand, and to make it more beautiful, they become a song.

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Premiere: 08/03/2009 at LaSala Teatre de Sabadell

30/01/2022 at La Planeta de Girona
95,864 spectators and 321 performances
Duration: 50'
Recommended age: 2 years and over
Musical, poetic and gestural performance
Indoor show (can be performed outdoors).


An enchanting fairy goes looking for friends in the streets all over the world. She will meet a chick who sings the blues, a spoon and a fork who are not very friendly, a clock that dances and soap bubbles.

Music and poetry go De bracet – Hand in hand, and to make it more beautiful, they become a song.

A surprising and imaginative performance with scenes full of objects and fun adventures that help children to appreciate poetry.

(Samfaina de Colors have revisited De bracet – Hand in hand and now we present it in a new, more theatrical, and visual version. We explain it in this news:)

Logotip de l'espectacle De bracet de Samfaina de Colors

De bracet (Hand in hand)

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  • TEASER De bracet - Hand in hand


Mirna Vilasís
(actress, musician): voice
Arnau Berenguer (musician): Voice and guitar
Authors: Joana Raspall, Carles Hac Mor, Miquel Desclot, Helena Vidal, Eva Dénia, Lluïsa March, Lola Casas and Maria Dolors Pellicer.

Musical direction and composition: Xavi Múrcia
Artistic direction: Mirna Vilasís
Stage direction: Francesc Ventura
Artistic advisor: Anna Ros

Lighting design: Rafel Roca
Lighting, sound and machinery technicians: Marc Jódar, Ivan Rubio and Marta Vilellas
Set design: Berta Vidal and Raül Vilasís

Wardrobe: Berta Vidal
Photography: Arian Botey
Video: Julián Waisbord

Production: Mirna Vilasís and Mònica Grau
Distribution and Communication: Mònica Grau
Executive Production: Discos a mà and Samfaina de Colors

LaSala Teatre

Record edition: De bracet -Hand in hand (Discos a mà, 2009)
Musical production and recording: Xavi Múrcia
Mixing and mastering: Xavi Múrcia and Kei Macias
Production: Discos a mà

FULL VIDEO of De bracet – Hand in hand
(available for programmers, ask us for the link!)


Number of musician-actors: 2
Number of technicians: 1

Assembly: approx. 3 h
Dismantling: approx. 1 h
Ideal scenario: 8 m wide x 6 m deep x 5 m high
Minimum stage: 5 m width x 4 m depth x 3 m height



Anna Ros, who directed Andròmines – Junk, also joined us to revisit De bracet- Hand in hand. This is how she talks about the new version of the performance.

“It is a suggestive show, with a simplicity that makes it sublime, that brings poetry to the youngest. It is fun and light, a very good journey through Catalan poetry”.

“Poetry for the youngest children seems to be a huge challenge, but the grace and strength is precisely the unpretentiousness, the inner calm and how Mirna and Xavi interpret each of the songs”. And he adds: “The words of each poem have a brutal force, it’s a perfect symbiosis. And the calmness of the show gives an impressive comfort to the spectator. You don’t realise and for 50 minutes you listen to poetry, with marvellous voices”.

Anna Ros, actriu i directora artística

Van de la mano is a show to make children love poetry. Without stridency, simple and imaginative, it has the capacity to communicate feelings. And all thanks to a sober and careful staging, beautiful and quality songs and first-rate performers. Congratulations!

Lola Casas, poeta

De Bracet – Hand in hand. Hand in hand, a show for children, poetic, magical, elegant, and even suitable for adults.

Carefully selected poems, which, suitably set to music, result in songs that, even though they are totally unpublished, the children’s audience quickly make them their own. The bookshop from which all the objects come to life in the hands of the actress-singer Mirna Vilasís and the two piles of books are of the utmost scenographic simplicity, but very effective visually to get the message across to the audience, both children and adults. Ithis is a very difficult quality to achieve. Samfaina de Colors does so with delightful musical compositions (designed to be easily grasped by children), the content of the poems and the rigour of the musical interpretation. These few elements are squeezed to the maximum by the two members of the group. The guitar by the same author of the music, Xavi, and the extraordinary voice of Mirna, both with a rigour and professionalism difficult to find in shows for children, achieve a show that has the right measure to educate while having fun and to make the imagination fly even for adults.

Francesc Ventura. Director de teatre.

The excellent voice of Mirna Vilasís rounds off an album and a show full of respect and love for children, which can also please and seduce the parents of the children.

Maria Palau. Periodista.

Samfaina de Colors do not deceive us: they present the performance “De bracet – Hand in hand” as a marriage between poetry and music, and what they show us is no more and no less than that. With the serene and calm tone to which we are accustomed, they dress up small poetic-musical stories with the only help of small scenographic elements, Mirna’s voice, Xavi’s guitar and a good handful of poems. The result: a silent, open-mouthed audience that enjoys note by note and word by word this marriage of music and poetry. A small sonorous and visual pleasure to be enjoyed without haste.

Jordi Gómez. Programador cultural.

When after 20 years of sharing your shows with us you are still as moved as the first time, I think there is no need to say anything more. Just thank you for sharing with us your sensitivity and taste. Here’s to 20 more years!.

“A pleasure, as always, to have you. See you next year”.

Maria José Pifarré. Especialista música Escola Claret Barcelona

We have found a performance different from the others by Samfaina de Colors one instrument, two voices, more interpretation, more play and a whole children’s show talking about poetry!!! It doesn’t seem possible!!! Poems well set to music, well explained, well sung, simple, clear, tender or funny. The show shows that everything can be poetry and the message is that with children it is very important to say well what you say, to sing well what you want to say!!! And poetry comes in like water, with a teaspoon of sugar…

Jordi Garcia. Pare. 

About the show “De bracet -Hand in hand-” I would highlight the capacity that Samfaina de Colors must keep my daughter Ana seated, listening and participating in the staging and the simplicity of the set. Just looking at my daughter’s surprised face, in front of the magic of a book, the creativity of 4 and her participation reproducing the hands of the clock in the same way as Mirna does, I think it’s fantastic. The music and the voices of Xavi and Mirna seem to me to have a level that many of those who work in this field would like to have. I recommend everyone to come and check it out.

M. Mar Teruel. Mare. 


De bracet (Hand in hand)
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