El grill Esteve i l’orquestra del bosc (Stephen the cricket and the forest orchestra)

Musical performance. A tale full of songs. Stephen the cricket decides to form an orchestra with the forest dwellers… and if the fox lets them, they will give a concert.

Chevron Down
Premiere: 13/01/2003
140.000 espectadors i 350 funcions
Duration: 50'
Recommended age: 2 years and over
·Rialles" Award from Ômnium Cultural for the best children's show of 2003.


Stephen the cricket decides to put together an orchestra with the inhabitants of the forest: all those animals who want to take part will have to demonstrate their ability as a musician. If it works out, they’ll have a great concert… as long as Tona, the fox, doesn’t do one of her tricks.

This story, presented in large drawings on backdrops, is based on the songs and sounds made by the animals that live in the forest. In addition, as usual in Samfaina de Colors, we focus in a didactic way on the knowledge of the music, instruments and traditional culture of the country.

The show aims to show the uniqueness of some of the animals that inhabit the forest, their relationship with the environment and, by extension, to send out a love of nature. We reproduce the sound of the animals with a whole series of hunter and rubbish calls, a presentation song for each animal.