Els cistells de la Caputxeta (Little Red Ridding Hood’s baskets)

Els cistells de la Caputxeta (Little Red Ridding Hood’s basket) are full of traditional Catalan songs, poems, objects and toys. Samfaina de Colors in its purest form.

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Premiere: Premiere: 10/02/2018 at LaSala Teatre de Sabadell
58,800 spectators and 160 performances
Duration: 50′
Recommended age: From 2 years old
Musical, poetic and multidisciplinary performance


Now we can see that the famous basket of Little Red Riding Hood was not just one, no. Twelve has. One for each month of the year The January basket, the February basket, the March basket… And so on, until the dozen are complete. And while it is true that inside the basket there is jam, juice and biscuits, it is also true that every month of the year has been dropped in the form of verse and tune. Of poetry and song Today we will be curious to see what we can find inside the baskets of Little Red Riding Hood.

Samfaina de Colors we take a walk through the calendar through the book of poems by Miquel Martí i Pol Per molts anys! (Happy Birthday!) where the poet dedicates a poem to each month of the year.

And, while we’re at it, we’ll sing traditional Catalan songs for each of the main festivals of the year.

Traditional Catalan songs, poems, objects and toys. Samfaina de Colors in its purest form.


Mirna Vilasís (actress-musician): voice, diatonic accordion, guitarrón, piano and percussions
Xavi Múrcia (musician): vocals, guitar, “guitarrón”, bass, bagpipes, flabiol i tamboríl, tarota and percussion.

Autor and composer of’”Ei, Caputxeta (Ei! Little Red Riding Hood)”: Xavi Múrcia
Composer of ”Abril (April)”: Xavi Múrcia
Arrangements: Xavi Múrcia
Poems: Miquel Martí i Pol (from book: Per molts anys! -Happy Birthday!). Traditional Catalan songs

Music direction: Xavi Múrcia
Artistic direction: Mirna Vilasís

Production: Mirna Vilasís and Mònica Grau
Distribution and Communication: Mònica Grau
Executive production: Samfaina de Colors and Discos a mà

Lighting: Rafel Roca and Roger Oriol
Scenography: Berta Vidal and Samfaina de Colors
Costumes: Samfaina de Colors
Photography: Noemí Elias
Video: Verònica Moragas and Anna Molins

Clip recorded in Sabadell, in LaSala Teatre de Sabadell, and in Argelaguer, in the recording studio of Discos a mà, in February 2018.

CD created, recorded and mixed at the Discos a mà studio, at home, in Argelaguer, in September and October 2018.

Residence: LaSala Teatre


Number of musician-actors: 2
Number of technicians: 1

Assembly: 3h approx.
Dismantling: approx. 1h
Ideal stage: 8m wide x 6m deep x 5m high
Minimum stage: 5m wide x 4m deep x 3m high


… The whole concert is tied up in a plot with the achievement of poems from January to December, introduced in the form of a story and with the appropriate props (a crown, a mask, etc.). A formula with 12 chapters that children immediately understand and participate attentively in what will happen next. There is maximum complicity with the children; they sing and choreograph -when there are any- the different melodies, clap to the rhythm of the music and answer the questions of the musician-actress (Mirna Vilasís) who, accompanied by a second musician (Xavi Murcia), is in charge of calmly going through each of the baskets. There is no hurry, he takes his time, adjusting the attention of the spectators to the development of the story…

Los cestos…’ is sober (but careful) in its staging – with half of the stage design reserved for the baskets, the other for the instruments, and a varied play of light – and boasts the proven musical quality of a company, Samfaina de Colors, which celebrates three decades of experience this October and has its own record label: Discos a mà. Well, as the poet says, congratulations!

Núria Cañamares. Periodista

After 30 years on stage, with the creation of 22 musical shows and with more than 5,000 performances all over the country behind them, they come back to LaSala to premiere the new show Els cistells de la Caputxeta – Little Red Riding Hood’s Baskets.

Mirna Vilasís, assures that “these 30 years have gone by super fast and it is quite incredible that after 30 years we are still here doing what we do and having a good time”.

David Bisbal. Periodista

Samfaina de Colors from Sabadell celebrate their 30th anniversary with the premiere of their new performance Els cistells de la Caputxeta – Little Red Ridding Hood’s baskets at LaSala Miguel Hernàndez in La Roureda. The group is formed by Mirna Vilasís and Xavi Murcia, and today they have been on the programme Al matí (In the morning) on Radio Sabadell. 22 shows of its own production and almost 5,000 performances accumulated. All of this in a trajectory that began, as Xavi Múrcia says “We were monitors of an yoth clubs, like many of the training courses that functioned at that time, and one of the resources that were available to finance it”., notes, “We set up a parade group and things like that. And from there we started to get in touch with the world of animation. And from a first group called La gotera we created Samfaina de Colors”.. And the fact is that this pair of artists are also a sentimental couple. And this connection leads to unusual and spectacular results on stage. Mirna Vilasís highlights “get some of those really cool silences. We are very slow on stage. We’re used to going with a low tempo” and then “you feel the audience there with you, breathing at the same time”.. They have their own production company, Discos a mà, and with it they present these Els Cistells de la Caputxeta – LIttle Red Riddig Hood’s basket, which takes us on a walk through the calendar through Miquel Martí i Pol’s book of poems Per molts anys! (Happy Birthday!) those of us who can enjoy Samfaina de Colors. You can listen to the whole interview by clicking on the link. -catalan version-

Raquel Garcia. Periodista

Samfaina de Colors blows out 30 candles this year and celebrates its birthday with a new show where “we go back to the traditional song”, explain Mirna Vilasís and Xavi Múrcia.

The duo from Sabadell and their faithful lighting technician, Rafel Roca, have been able to enjoy a technical residency at LaSala Miguel Hernández in Sabadell.

They are fortunate, as they do not hide the difficult context in which culture is suffering. “It’s a very hard time, the worst. Festivals have been lost, others are in danger and there are people in the sector who have closed down. They are going after culture!

Samfaina de Colors has always been committed to shows that are “newly created, unique and with their own language”, and they have never stopped innovating.

Carles Cascón. Periodista

On the verge of 30 years as a company, Samfaina de Colors premieres a new performance: Els cistells de la Caputxeta – LIttle Red Ridding Hood’s baskets, a walk through the calendar through the book of poems by Miquel Martí i Pol Per molts anys! (Happy Birthday!) where the poet dedicates a poem to each month of the year. After the first school performances, this Saturday it will be performed for the first time for a family audience at LaSala Miguel Hernández in Sabadell. Traditional music, poems, songs, props and toys with lots of live instruments especially recommended for 2 to 7 year olds.

Núria Cañamares. Periodista

The group Samfaina de Colors, created in September 1988 in Sabadell by Mirna Vilassís and Xavi Múrcia, celebrates its 30th anniversary with a double return to its origins. The group, which is now based in La Garrotxa, has not only chosen Sabadell to premiere its new show, Els cistells de la Caputxeta – Little Red Ridding Hood’s baskets, but also to return to traditional Catalan music, after some time away from this field.

“Using traditional music has connotations that go far beyond the strictly musical theme, and right now it makes a lot of sense to do so,” says Xavi Múrcia, for whom culture is experiencing “a moment of resistance”.

You’re doing,” they say, “and one day you realise you’ve done 30 years.

Marc Sabater. Periodista