Els tres porquets es caguen de por (The three little pigs are scaret shitless)

Musical performance on children’s noodles Do you know how the story of the three little pigs continues?

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Premiere: Premiere: 19/11/2015 at saT! - Sant Andreu Teatre (Barcelona) Teatre de Barcelona
54,700 spectators and 138 performances
Duration: 50'
Recommended age: 2 years and over
Musical, theatrical and multidisciplinary performance


The big bad wolf has fled with his ass chafed and his tail between his legs. But the three little pigs are afraid. The wolf knows it. If piglets are afraid, they are easy to catch. The wolf knows it. And… that’s why he’s coming back to eat them once and for all. Can the three little pigs overcome their fear to face the wolf? Maybe we will have to help them. Can you help us?

We have entered the forest of the three little pigs to find out how this great story really ends. We want to explain it to you with the help of the usual ingredients of Samfaina de Colors: the traditional music and the music that we have built for each situation of the story, the scenic elements that help us to see it and a delicate staging that surrounds it.