No moon

A musical and poetic show that takes us into the beauty and magic of the night. A reflection on harmony and universal balance through music. The lunar phases represent allegorically the cycle of life.

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Estrena: 07/10/22 a Fira Mediterrània de Manresa
6,250 spectators and 24 performances
Durada: 45'
Edat recomanada: 2 years and over
A show without text, musical, poetic, and gestural


Sunset. A girl waits for the moon singing and playing her instruments to create the harmony of the night. When the music grows, the moon grows. When the music becomes dark, the moon goes out. An owl and a wolf accompany this sweet movement of the moon’s swaying. Dark night. No moon.

No moon is a reflection on universal harmony and balance through music. The lunar phases represent allegorically the cycle of life.

We claim the moonless moment as beautiful and necessary. Darkness symbolises introspection, reflection and calm. What emotion invades us when we are in this fragile moment of the No moon?

A show without text where music is the language to communicate the feelings and emotions that guide us on this evocative journey. isual delicacy and live music. An ideal opportunity to delve into the beauty and magic of the night.

No moon

5 vídeos
  • No moon (clip)
  • No moon (short clip)
  • Feten Award for Best Original Music
  • Music, lights & shadows, the No moon workshop (clip)
  • Music, lights & shadows, the No moon workshop (short clip)


Mirna Vilasís (musician-actress): voice, psaltery, handpan, metallophone, tambourine, Tibetan bowl, crotales, rattles, güiro, bird calls and puppets.

Playwright: Mirna Vilasís
Artistic direction: Anna Ros
Musical direction: Mirna Vilasís
Music: Xavi Múrcia & Mirna Vilasís
Dramaturgy advisor: Carles Batlle
Musical advisor handpan: Ravid Goldschmidt

Lighting, sound, and mapping design: Ivan Rubio
Sound, light and machinery technicians: Ivan Rubio, Marc Jódar i Marta Vilellas
Set design: Raül Vilasís i Berta Vidal
Illustrations and animations:Lyona
Costume design: CarmePuigdevalliPlantéS
Photography: Arian Botey
Video: Julian Waisbord
Props: Martí Doy
Graphic design: Núria Casanova
Linguistic correction: Roger Vilà

Production: Mirna Vilasís & Mònica Grau
Distribution and Communication: Mònica Grau
Executive Production: Discos a mà i Samfaina de Colors

Festival Didó
Ajuntament de Terrassa

Teatre Principal d’Olot
laSala – Sabadell
Casal d’Argelaguer
Teatre l’Ateneu de Celrà
Teatre Auditori de Llinars del Vallès
Teatre del Casal de l’Espluga de Francolí

With the support of: Departament de Cultura – Generalitat de Catalunya – ICEC

(available for programmers, ask for the link!)


Number of staff on tour: 1 interpreter and 2 technicians
Assembly: 3 h approximately
Dismantling: 2 h approximately
Ideal stage: 8 m wide (+ 2 m on each side shoulder) x 8 m deep x 6 m high
Minimum stage: 6 m wide (+ 0.5 m for each side shoulder) x 6 m deep x 3.8 m high

+ Full technical rider
(you will find it in DOWNLOADS)



Report to Les Notícies (Olot TV) of our Creation Residence at the Teatre Principal in Olot in September 2022.
27 de set. 2022

Report TAC12 (Conecta 10 Comarques) of our creation residence at the Casal de l’Espluga de Francolí in September 2022.
27 de set. 2022

Biel Roquet

No moon it achieves what it sets out to do: to show, on the one hand, the fragility of the human being in moments of no moon (of no light, of darkness), but to demonstrate, at the same time, that everything is cyclical, like the moon, the four phases of which are unique and special”.
Nació Digital Manresa. 07/10/22.

Aina Font

“And today, school matinees. The children are spectators of some of these great premieres.
The latest proposal from the veteran Samfaina de Colors brings us No moon. A delicate and evocative journey where the moon lights up or darkens and the music creates the harmony of the night”.
TV3. TN Comarques. 07/10/22.

Núria Bacardit

“Mirna Vilasís, alone on the stage, opts for the visual and is oblivious to the fantastic technical proposal and the careful melodies. Tender journey of howls, owls, lights, and shadows”.
Martí Rossell. Twitter. 07/10/22.

Martí Rossell

“To happen a space open to imagination, creativity and interpretation. A small musical and scenic jewel, a journey through sounds and a great protagonist: the moon. The intimate staging seeks and quickly finds that complicity, empathy and above all, the collaboration of the small spectator”.
Diari Regio 7. Manresa. 08/10/22.

Assumpta Pérez
“This little gem was premiered at the recent Fira Mediterrània in Manresa, to great public acclaim”.
Diari de Terrassa. 10/10/22.
Mercè Boladeras

“Vilasís is like a little girl who likes to share and reveal all the magic tricks, to captivate children. She certainly succeeds”. 13/10/22.

(Click on the link below to read the full review) – catalan version-

Jordi Bordes

Three-way chat between Guillermo Figueroa (director of Más de Uno – Gijón), Idoia Ruiz de Lara (director of FETEN European Children’s Performing Arts Fair of Gijón/Xixón) and Mirna Vilasís (director of Samfaina de Colors) about the experience of experiencing the Fair for the first time.
Onda Cero. Más de Uno – Gijón. 02/03/23

Guillermo Figueroa

Moment of the collection of the FETEN 23 Award to the Best Original Music for the show No moon“.
Centro de Cultura Antiguo Instituto (Gijón). 03/03/23.
(minute 28:15-32:45)

“FETEN also has a close relationship with the Mostra de Igualada, many shows go back and forth like this Sin luna, the first with an international vocation of the company Samfaina de Colors, now led by Mirna Vilasís”.
TV3. TN Comarques. 03/03/23.
Ibana Piñero