Samfaina de Colors gets ICEC’s help for a company internationalisation consultancy.

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It is undeniable that the Covid-19 pandemic was a turning point in people’s lives, and as a company, it is clear that we were no strangers to it. At such a complex time, when many decisions had to be made, and the chief of them easy, we saw very clearly the need to be able to make our way and explore the possibility of getting to know other audiences and performing spaces all over the world.

From this point on, we began to investigate and see what possibilities the public administrations offered us to achieve such an important objective. From our perspective, we had to seek external advice to find out about other markets, as well as how to access them. Thanks to the subsidy lines granted by the ICEC (Catalan Institute of Cultural Companies), we applied for the call for subsidies to carry out consultancy work for cultural companies or entities, and in June the call was favourably resolved.

We are overjoyed and it opens the doors for us to start working tirelessly to achieve the internationalisation of Samfaina de Colors.

From here on, the process has been wonderful, full of professional and, why not say it, personal enrichment, with the consultant Toni González. There have been many months of work, meetings (face-to-face and online), sharing ideas and making our imagination fly about where we want to go and how to do it. This consultancy has made us open our minds and be aware that this process will be a challenge that we are very happy to start.

Knowing first hand, from a professional with a high knowledge of international circuits and markets as well as with a track record of great success in advising many Catalan companies, has set us on a path that will surely bear much fruit and will be the seed of what we hope will be the take-off of Samfaina de Colors in the national and international arena.

We will explain it to you as we achieve our objectives.

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