Samfaina de Colors moves to a new website! 📦

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They say renew or die!

Samfaina de Colors has always been known for not knowing how to stand still.

With the premiere of Andròmines – Junk (2021) and the revival of De bracet – Hand in hand (2021) they saw the need to look for new, more daring stage languages that would enrich and add value to the company’s creations. They do not shy away from their origins or from what really interests them, culture, education, and society, but all of them have passed through the sieve of the Mediterranean roots, doing so in a more mature and complex way, but at the same time, more sensitive and suitable for all audiences.

This new direction, which is reaffirmed with the latest show, No moon (2022), only goes to show the solidity and firmness of this new stage of the company, which is just now spreading its wings to open its way to new audiences all over the world.

With this new open-mindedness they have conceived the new website. A space that represents and defines them in this new path, but that does not shy away from the one that has brought them to where they are now. A new website that is visually more attractive, easy to navigate and where you can find all the information about the company and its proposals.

A new stage marked not only by the artistic redefinition, but also by the new leadership assumed by Mirna Vilasís and by the clear will to internationalize and explore new scenarios and audiences around the world, as already announced in the news of last December on its website (“Samfaina de Colors gets the help of ICEC for a consultancy of internationalization of companies.” SdC, 30/12/22)

Go ahead and have a look!

We hope you like it.

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