Trencadís de cançons – Song mosaic at the Palau

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Xavi Múrcia and Mirna Vilasís with the dancers of the dance company Factoria Mascaró at the entrance of the Palau de la Música Catalana for the show Trencadís de Cançons - Song mosaic.

Wednesday 1st December. It’s 9.45 am and there’s already a queue of children entering to see Trencadís de cançons – “Song mosaic” at the Palau de la Música Catalana. It’s a bit cold, but even so, under the hats we see those curious eyes looking at everything around them. Once inside, they don’t stop looking and looking at every single detail. And then the music starts, and at the first beat they are already inside the performance. Many of them experience the Palau for the first time with the eyes of a child. What a discovery!

But the Palau de la Música captivates everyone. Mirna Vilasís and Xavi Murcia return, for yet another year, to the Palau de la Música to be the voice of the Trencadís de cançons Song mosaic. An artistic proposal where three very characteristic architectural elements of the Palau become the protagonists of this concert. You may have guessed, or perhaps you have already come to the Palau to experience this Trencadís de cançons – Song mosaic, that it is the maiden on the façade, the half-turned palm trees and the winged horse on the first floor who are personified above the stage.

“Singing at the Palau de la Música is a cathartic experience, I always say that from the stage is when the Palau is most beautiful, because we see a unique, wonderful place,” says Mirna. And she adds: “I’ve been singing in theatres all over the world for 33 years, and each one has its own energy. The energy at the Palau is unique. It captures me, fascinates me, amazes me… it imposes, but at the same time it welcomes you in a unique and special way”. “. But what fascinates her most is the light: “When we arrive at the Palau in the mornings, we see how the light changes over the hours. Whether it’s sunny or cloudy… it’s a different Palau. It’s a magnificent place. I am always very conscious of singing in a place where very important and crucial things have happened for the country and for the history of music”.

About the performance

Trencadís de cançons – Song mosaic, according to Palau, “is a curious mixture of poetry, song and dance that places us between modernity and tradition, with a scenography based on architectural and plastic elements of the Palau”. On stage, Mirna and Xavi are accompanied by the dance company Factoria Mascaró. “We work very well with them, we really like the way they are, how they dance, how they live the artistic part”, says Mirna.

It has been 7 years since Mirna and Xavi began to form part of this project, which was set up by Lidia Pujol and Joan Figueres.

“We proposed to play live, adapting to the tempos, so that the choreographic part would not change. We took ‘Trencadís’ to our own terrain, with new arrangements and all the instruments playing live: piano, accordion, guitar, flute, percussion, traditional instruments, and we interacted with the dancers”, explains Mirna.


The show is aimed at infant and primary school pupils, with two sessions every morning. This year, the sessions are on 30 November; 1 and 3 December 2021; 24, 25, 26, 27 and 28 January 2022.

Mirna Vilasís & Xavi Múrcia, voice and instruments (guitar, accordion, flutes, keyboard, and percussion).
Factoria Mascaró Dance Company (Quim Serra, direction)
Joan Figueres and Joan Serra, screenplay
Joan Figueres and Xavi Múrcia, music
Joan Serra and Quim Serra, choreography, and direction

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