Workshops and 4 languages, the new features of the Samfaina de Colors website 💥

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The new Samfaina de Colors website is now available in 4 languages: Catalan, Spanish, French and English, to reach audiences all over the world. In we have launched a new page: Workshops, where you will find all the information about the workshop Music, lights and shadows inspired by the performance No moon and other quality educational content such as didactic videos and educational dossiers of the company.

With the premiere in February of Music, lights and shadows, inspired by the performance No moon, we decided to create Workshops, a new page on the website that brings together all the company’s educational activities. In this new section you will find the workshops of the shows, the didactic videos of the songs of the performance Andròmines (Junk), which encourage play, reading and complicity, the video clips of the songs from the performance Càpsules (Capsules) and the educational dossiers of the performances No moon, Andròmines (Junk) and De bracet (Hand in hand).

The information in this section is a quality pedagogical tool for families, educators, programmers, artists, journalists, specialists, technicians of institutions… that we offer free of charge and thanks to the 35 years of experience of the company and the training in musical pedagogy of Mirna Vilasís.

The website can be consulted in 4 languages: Catalan, Spanish, English and French in order to reach a worldwide audience.

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