The workshops

The workshops are an unbeatable tool to approach our audiences in a purer, closer way and make them participate in our proposals. The main objective is to break the fourth wall, to challenge children, families or anyone who comes to see us and make them feel as excited as we do on stage.

We don’t believe in elitism and that’s why we want to demystify the performing arts, making the audience become active spectators. We address the audience face to face, with a language that is close and not complex, but at the same time, developing tools and resources of musical pedagogy to generate discourse, debate and provide significant learning thanks to the extensive experience and training of Mirna Vilasís.

This is why this activity brings the musical work before or after the show, thus guaranteeing an enriching experience for the audience, generating the creation and loyalty of audiences, bringing us closer to the objective of making them active and regulars.

educational actions

In a highly technological and changing world like ours, Samfaina de Colors is committed to creating high quality digital content with a high educational content.

The creation of the videos of the songs of the performances Andròmines – Junk and Càpsules – Capsules aim to improve the audience’s experience of both listening to and watching the songs in the first instance and, secondly, to help the inclusion and accessibility of the largest possible number of audiences through a different, multidisciplinary and transversal communication model.

Pedagogical dossiers

The pedagogical dossiers are a tool for teachers, professionals in the field of education and inquiring minds to provide a greater quality and experiential experience of the performing arts. The dossier aims to provide information on the essence of the show and propose lines of work to better understand it by linking it to cultural and artistic languages.

In the documents you can find basic features of the show and its creation process, contents for reflection and proposals for didactic activities to share before and after the performance.

Samfaina de Colors’
pedagogical trajectory

At the beginning of 2023 Samfaina de Colors is committed to reinforcing, enriching and innovating the company’s pedagogical and artistic work in order to create new active audiences for culture, with the premiere of the workshop Music, lights & shadows, complementary to the performance No moon.

But the educational project of Samfaina de Colors dates back to 1988, its beginnings, when it soon became clear that each show would have its own CD and educational dossier, aimed at schools and families. Years later, they also decided to publish the CDs in the form of videos. All this pedagogical offer is available online and free of charge.

Samfaina de Colors CDs have become an educational tool in the music classrooms of most schools in Catalonia and have also entered many homes, forming part of the daily life of many families.

The Samfaina de Colors educational dossiers are offered as a complementary educational tool to the show to deepen the knowledge and dissemination of Catalan poetry, traditional music, traditional instruments and all the cultural richness that appears in the Samfaina de Colors performances.

In 2012, with the premiere of the show Càpsules – Capsules, the CD is published for the first time, also in the form of videos. A video for each song in the show, with the aim of going further, offering the highest quality visual content that reinforces and explains the imagery of each scene, which reinforces and explains the imagery of each of the songs in the performance.

In 2021, with the premiere of the show Andròmines – Junk, the Samfaina de Colors’ pedagogical offer takes a qualitative leap forward and the CD of the show is also published in the form of videos. Each song has its own video and each video has artistic and creative subtitles inspired by the imaginary lyrics of the songs. A visual proposal that encourages play, reading and complicity, generates surprise, smiles and challenges… with the aim of being a pedagogical tool for families and schools.

Always focused on innovation and looking for complicity with the audience, in 2023, after the premiere of No moon, it lays the foundations of the pedagogical aspect with the creation and premiere of the workshop Músic, lights & shadows, developing and deepening the educational work of the company, thanks to the training, knowledge, experience and background of Mirna Vilasís as a music pedagogue.

This new line of work is incorporated into the usual professional practice of Samfaina de Colors, opening new spaces for exploration and accompaniment and offering an experience of growth and breadth of vision for anyone who wants to enhance their creative side.