Músic, lights & shadows

Workshop for children from 2 years old and their educators and families.
Inspired by the musical, poetic and visual universe of the performance No moon.

Chevron Down
Premiere: 26/02/2023 at Teatre l'Alegria in Terrassa
100 spectators and 2 passes
Duration: 40 minutes
Recommended age: 2 years and over
Workshop to be held before and/or after the performance, as well as on the days before or after.
On stage


Music, lights and shadows, is an experience that stimulates artistic sensitivity and the creative awakening of children through play, music, movement, listening, massage, gesture, song, silence… and also, light and shadow. All the resources of the performance No moon at the children’s fingertips, so that they can experiment freely, stimulating their spontaneity and imagination. The activity will be conducted by Mirna Vilasís, performer of the show No moon as well as music educator.

We learn music by living it, physically and emotionally, because it is a channel of communication and an educational strategy with which we can develop physically, mentally and emotionally. We will listen closely to the rich timbre and originality of the instruments in the show: psaltery, handpan, metallophone, tambourine, Tibetan bowl, crumhorns, rattles, güiro, bird whistles and sound puppets.

The stage is the heart of the theatre and that is why we invite the audience to come on stage, as our aim is to reach the heart of the workshop participants.


Músic, lights & shadows

  • Music, lights and shadows, the No moon workshop (clip)
  • Music, lights and shadows, the No moon workshop (short clip)


Workshop leader: Mirna Vilasís
Author: Mirna Vilasís
Lighting, sound, and mapping design: Ivan Rubio
Sound, light and machinery technicians: Ivan Rubio, Marc Jódar & Marta Vilellas
Production: Mirna Vilasís and Mònica Grau
Distribution and Communication: Mònica Grau
Executive Production: Discos a mà & Samfaina de Colors

With the support of: Ajuntament de Terrassa


Number of people in the company: 1 workshop leader and 1 technician
Assembly: approximately 3 h (if outside the performance day)
Dismantling: approx. 1 h (if done outside the performance day)
Ideal stage: 8 m wide (+5 m on each side shoulder) x 8 m deep x 6 m high.
Minimum stage: 6 m wide (+5 m on each side shoulder) x 6 m deep x 3.8 m high.