Having fun with the songs of Andròmines – Junk

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Many schools have already used the videos of Andròmines – Junk’ songs to play with words and texts.

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Andròminesis also a karaoke?
How to have fun and play with the songs of a show?
And what do you say the subtitles of the songs are like?

These are some of the questions you have asked us over the last few months due to the release of the videos of the songs that are part of the album and the performace. As many of you already know, we have turned each song into a visual proposal that encourages play, reading and complicity. The videos include artistic and creative subtitles with the lyrics of the songs.

Samfaina de Colors offers this material free of charge to schools, families, and theatres:

The Andròmines – Junk video project is supported by:

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